I’ve spent a little time trying to do my own transit map implementation (a la’ the Google Maps version at http://crazedmonkey.com/ttcgooglemap/). Of course, being a big fan of Yahoo Pipes, I wanted to see if I could get it done using Pipes. So, this is my first (public) cut at a GTA transit map on Pipes; of course, in true Pipes fashion, the source is available, and clonable. Maybe one of my countrymen can find a way to get something similar working with Jamaica transit data!
The quick explanation of the operation: a CSV is used to provide the raw location data for each transit station. The Pipes CSV feed module breaks the locations into rss items, which are then fed to the Location Builder module. The Location Builder (and Location Extractor) modules are two of the more interesting modules in Pipes, in that they can take a set of raw geographic or territorial information and return pretty accurate coordinate detail as an attribute of the item. The really great thing is that once coordinate geographic data is present in a feed item, Pipes will automatically render it on Yahoo maps, as well as provide a Google Earth compatible KML file of the data. Check it out, and watch out for various improvements to this Pipe!