Happy New year to visitors to the site…I had a very good time this season, visiting friends, going to parties, and of course, catching up on my backlog of projects and tech todo items. As you may have noticed from my previous few articles, I finally began the process of installing Oracle EBusiness suite 11i on Ubuntu Linux , with all its attendant issues, fixes and do-overs. That being said, it has so far been extremely rewarding, as I have re-acquainted myself significantly with the Oracle EBS RapidWizard installation process and requirements, as well as come up with (I think) a few special steps to make installing it on Ubuntu Linux a little easier for the next person. I expect to have the final post completed and up by this weekend, so stay tuned!

Also, I’ve continued to update and refine my various Yahoo Pipes efforts: in particular, I’ve added more functionality to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Transit map. It now pulls additional transit stop details from the transit authority site and allows the visitor to click through to the details for the stop on the actual transit site. Expect to see additional details and enhancements over time.

Finally, I expect to post my first draft of my thesis some time over the next couple of days, as that is also going on apace. Hopefully, I will get it to submission stage by end of week!