This is a quick post to outline my updated steps for running Android 2.2 (Froyo) in a x86 VirtualBox environment. Assuming that VirtualBox is already installed, the steps are as follows:

Android 2.3 -Create New Virtual Machine

Android 2.2 -Create New Virtual Machine

  • Update the settings for the machine, changing the Storage-CD/Device from Empty, and picking the iso image downloaded above as the existing (bootable) image  to use.
  • Start  the virtual machine:
Android 2.2 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Android 2.2 Running- Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • Choose the option “Live CD – VESA mode”, and hit Enter

Android 2.2 Booting- Oracle VM VirtualBox

Android 2.2 Started- Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • From the Virtualbox Machine menu, select “Disable mouse integration”. This will make the Android pointer  usable in the VM session.
  • On the keyboard, press the Windows menu key to bring up the Android menu.
Android 2.2 [Apps] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Android 2.2 Apps- Oracle VM VirtualBox

  • Clicking on the center left-hand panel (the keypad-like icon), brings up the main app screen.

Android 2.2 [Main App] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Android 2.2 Main App- Oracle VM VirtualBox

At this point, you can navigate and experience the Android 2.2 environment exactly as if it were on a mobile device. Keep in mind that network services are using a virtual network driver, not true 3G. As well, there is obviously no Bluetooth or mobile connectivity available, so testing certain functions using those capabilities may be difficult.