I’ve been making some minor changes on my blog site recently, trying to improve the look and functions on it. As the previous post shows, I’ve recently enabled it to support mobile blog posting, so I can quickly make small “postlets” containg audio, pictures, videos, from my mobile device. Additionally, I’ve enabled an actual mobile interface on the site, which can be reached by going to http://mobileotac.dyndns-ip.com on a mobile device (iPhones, Blackberry, Palm, or other Web-enabled phone).

You’ll also notice that at the bottom of posts (on the desktop site), you can now post comments using the Disqus system, and share my posts with your preferred social network using the icons at the bottom. Twitter, email, and Facebook are all supported. And there is a new Like feature, also at the bottom of each post, which allows blog visitors to “like” or “dislike” the blog entry. I’ll continue improving the blog, and adding further capabilities, especially around making my site more accessible, and widely published, so I hope those who stop by, enjoy the changes!