As the title suggests, reports of the demise/abandonment of the JahSing project are greatly exaggerated. Although JahSing updates have been on hiatus for many a year, I am pleased to report that the latest release of JahSing is now out: JahSing 2! Along with this new release of the player, there is a new website. Those of you with the old site in your favourites, will find that it forwards you to, so you may want to put that in your bookmarks instead. Actually, the version is JahSing 2.04, as I am continually discovering tweaks and updates that get pushed into the program. For those who came in late (a la “The Ghost Who Walks” – ha ha), JahSing is my all-Java media player. JahSing started back in 1997 as JahSee, a simple media playlister, which over time came to be upgraded to a simple music player, and now finally has full multimedia features. JahSing 2 plays AU, MP3, OGG, WAV, sequenced MOD, XM and S3M music files. It  has an internal internet Shoutcast radio tuner and player, and also plays AVI and MPG video files.

In addition to all this player goodnesss, the old features are still there:

  • JahSing can update the ID3 tags for your MP3s en masse based on the filename, as well as let you edit them one by one.
  • You can edit and display lyrics for your MP3’s, karaoke-style;
  • You can load lists of media from off web pages;
  • drag and drop your media and playlist files into JahSing.

And the best thing about JahSing: as a 100% Java-based player, it works anywhere you have Java. So far, JahSing has successfully been run on:

  • Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat)
  • Windows (2000, XP)
  • Unix (HP-UX, AIX)

Try it in your environment, and feel free to report on your experiences with it!