Installation and Error resolution (continued…)

This is the fourth post on installing Oracle eBusiness suite 11i on Ubuntu. Previous posts are:

Continuing from the last post, I will continue detailing errors met during the install, resolution steps and completing the install.

iv. Fourth Error: This dialog was generated with a reference to “running APPL_TOP for VIS instance” , when the overall installation was about 60% complete (Step 3 of 5).

Oracle Applications Rapid Install Wizard Error #4

On checking the log file, the following message was the last line:

Please refer to the remaining logs on middle tier at – /d03/oracle.11.5.10/visappl/admin/VIS_jiraiya/log/12231153.log.

This contained the following entry:

Executing: /d02/oracle.11.5.10/viscomn/temp/ APPS APPS
There was an error while running the command – /d02/oracle.11.5.10/viscomn/temp/ APPS APPS
/d02/oracle.11.5.10/viscomn/temp/ 199: Syntax error: Bad substitution
RW-50010: Error: – script has returned an error: 2
RW-50004: Error code received when running external process. Check log file for details.
Running APPL_TOP Install Driver for VIS instance

Research into the “bad substitution” error, suggested that it was due to an inoperable script command, perhaps due to differences in the sh implementation on Ubuntu Linux from that used in developing/certifying Oracle EBS. In order to resolve, the following commands were issued:

$ cd /usr/bin
$ mv sh sh.orig
$ ln -fs bash sh

This set up the sh command as an alias of the bash (Bourne Again Shell), which in many cases, is more compatible with standard Unix sh than Linux sh. Retrying the process succeeded, indicating that the issue was now resolved.

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