Just a quick post before I leave for my vacation in the Canadian Maritimes (which I am REALLY looking forward to…).

Basically, I wanted to give an update on some of the projects I’m working on:

JahSync: I’m pleased to say that the latest version (such as it is) of JahSync is now up on the site at http://jahsync.blogspot.com. This latest version adds a gui, disables the Palm sync capability (while I make it more robust), and adds Lotus Notes and Outlook sources. If you get a chance, feel free to check it out and comment on the page. BTW, the intent is to make this completely open source, but I think it makes sense to check all the appropriate copyrights before I do that. Once I’ve made sure everyone’s attribution is in where it should be, I’ll start posting the source code to JahSync as well.

JahSing: Is really close to its next release; I’m working on improving the UI (which is dated and blocky), but the core functions have all been GREATLY amped. Without giving anything away, suffice to say, the next release of JahSing will definitely bring some interesting features to the table! Look out for it to drop over the next month, so keep watching the site…

Jamaica Clan Cato: Since I cyan leave out mi fam, I have done soe quick updates to the core site software for Jamaica Clan Cato, which add some nice new functions. There is now message board and forum capability on the site, as well integrated Google Map support for events and family member details. And as usual, I continue to add new member details and family information as I find it.

Thats about it, I’ll be offline for the next little while, as I enjoy the warmth (5 degrees Celsius!!) of Atlantic Canada…till mi return, walk good.