Yahoo’s new mashup tool, Yahoo Pipes ( lets you pull together RSS, ATOM and JSON
feeds using a GUI interface, with associated logic control, then republish the results as another feed. I’ve done a little example that generates a Jamaica place name map. It pulls the raw web pages from the Directory of Cities, Towns, and Regions in Jamaica site ( and transforms them into RSS feeds using the online HTML-RSS converter from Feed43 (Feed For Free) at

The good thing about feed43 is that it gives you a single RSS feed that lists all the feeds you’ve defined there. I passed this to Pipes, which does some filtering and joining of the individual location feeds into one, and converts the place names and data into yahoo geo-locators. Once a Pipes feed has any Geo-located data, it automatically will map the locations, generating a map of Jamaica with place names as the result.

I like this, because it’s an example of reusing information and tools from other sites and services to present
a completely new service or view. Feel free to copy, modify and improve on anything you see – maybe you can think of some other ways to apply Web 2.0 mashup technology (not just pipes).
Here’s the link: