Installation (continued…)

This is my third post on installing Oracle eBusiness suite 11i on Ubuntu. The previous posts covered installation media procurement (Installing Oracle eBusiness Suite on Ubuntu) and staging the installation (Installing Oracle eBusiness Suite on Ubuntu – II).

From the last post, the pre-installation checks indicated that some issues prevented the install from proceeding successfully. The first check indicated that the oracle OS user was not part of the dba OS group – easily remedied by using the user-groups admin tool (from the Ubuntu System->Administration menu).

The second check referred to the domain name, which was not reachable via ping. This is because I am running on a server disconnected from the Internet. To get around this, I simply made an entry in the /etc/hosts file that mapped the host.domain- name combination to the loopback IP ( This ensures that the ping check is successful. Obviously in a production environment, one would ensure that the server is properly reachable by desired clients.

The third check indicated a failure due to lack of disk space on the Admin/Forms tier; essentially, there was not enough space on the one disk for all the tiers. Since this server had a second disk, I simply mounted a new partition from it and pointed the base install directory for the Admin/Forms to a location on it. I then re-ran the pre-install checks.

Install Oracle Applications - Pre-Install Checks-successfull

As the screen shot above shows,all the pre-installation checks have been passed. Progressing on to the actual installation, we can preview the actual locations of all the components of the EBS installation, then confirm the decision to install.

Component Installation Review Oracle Applications Rapid Install Wizard Alert

The main progress windows then displays, giving visual feedback on the installation process.

Installing Oracle Applications

Errors and Resolutions

i. At this point, I met my first error of the installation: after all the files had been unpacked during stage 1 of the install, an error dialog popped up with the error “RW-50004: Error code received when running external process. Check log for details. RunningDatabase Install Driver for VIS instance” (see below).

Installing Oracle Applications - first errorOracle Applications Rapid Install Wizard Alert

A search on Metalink pointed to Note:287453.1, which outlined the General requirements for Linux x86 installation of release 11i. The gcc version for Ubuntu 7.10 (4.1), appears to be incomatible with the prelinking phase for the 11i installation. Installing an earlier version (3.4) of both gcc and g++ using Synaptic Package Manager, then executing the commands below resolved the issue.

$ cd /usr/bin
$ mv g++ g++.orig
$ sudo mv gcc gcc.orig
$ sudo ln -s gcc-3.4 gcc
$ sudo ln -s g++-3.4 g++

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