Things are getting interesting here on the personal blog front…I’ve changed my blog software from Greymatter (which is pretty old and unsupported) to WordPress. Good thing about wordpress is that it allowed me to import all of my old Greymatter entries without any real issues. I also have merged in all of my previous site updates from my personal web site into the blog, which I will then make my main page. I still haven’t quite figured out the themes and customization aspects of WordPress (what with studying, assignments, and work), but I am going to try mightily next week to integrate the old FrontPage-based site structure into the blog, and update the articles and projects pages. BTW, JahSync is going very well, I expect to have a working version (command-line only) available by the end of November. Anyway, thats all for now, but you’ll see the changes to the blog page as I complete them, over the next little while. Don’t be surprised if some of the links in my older posts don’t work until after I’ve finished the whole page/blog consolidation process.

Lata, seen.