[This is a reflection from my update to the main JahSync page.]
Welcome to the first post for the JahSync Calendar sync tool…those of you in the know, will recognise the name as a derivative of another app I’ve developed, called
JahSing. Well, this is yet another Java-based tool, hopefully of some use to the WebWorld. JahSync is the first (to my knowledge) fully bi-directional sync solution for Google Calendar and Palm-based PDA’s. Although I do have it working, I am putting together a simple installer for the tool, since it makes use of some other components for integration between Java and the Palm Hotsync application. I expect to have the full installer-based download available later today.
Feature-wise, the program is very basic for the moment – you get the Title, Description, Date and Time. At the moment, there is no support for recurring events, priorities or attendee/guest information, although they are all high on my todo list.
I will provide updates on development progress, releases and features on this site – from here, you’ll always be able to get to download the various releases of the program. So without further ado, here is the download for Jahsync 0.1 – the Google edition!