Happy New year, All! I just got back from Jamdown (week-long vacation) and I had a great time seeing my family and friends. No matter where you go, no weh nuh betta dan yawd, and thats a fact! I’ll put some of my vacation pics up on my blog page, once I get some other pressing work out of the way.

To the status of stuff so far, I’ve continued working on the CORSE site, adding some customisations, providing a Terms of Service (gotta cya, fi real) and opening a number of new forums. Check it out (see di link below). Also, I’m making the first draft of my genealogy search results on my family available – its called Jamaica CatoClan, and is my attempt to catalogue the various scions of the Cato family from its early presence in Jamaica (and other islands of the Caribbean, if possible!). It’s a work in progress, so be kind – and if you are a Cato, feel free to contact me on the site; registration is very simple.

For those who are Yahoo subscribers, I’ve been checking out Yahoo 360; its a great way to get a quick glimpse into what your friends are interested in on the web. For me, its more an adjunct to the other sites and blogs I’m running; nonetheless, I think there are some nice ideas in it.

See you all in the cybaworld.