Well, back in the land of Jam again…its been a while, and I’ll say it now – its good to be home. My wife and I have been here since a couple days before Christmas and its been a hectic, but very enjoyable stay so far. We’ve been at her parents house in Kingston, which is pretty central  for most of what we want to do (go out, see friends, visit my son). The only issue is that my parents live in the country (St. Mary), so that’s a bit of a drive. And of course, my reservation for a rental car fell through, so there is a lot of “bredrin, gimme a drop dung a country” going on. Still and all, its been great; I ended up going to an impromptu family reunion at my Aunt Dolly’s house in Galina; saw lots of cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts I hadn’t seen in years, and it felt really good to link with family after such a gap. Later in the week, my in-laws made the drive down from Kingston with me and Karen to visit my parents; that was a lot of fun. My Dad and Mass Charlie seemed to get on well; must be the fact that they’re both from the country! I’ll put my pics from the visit on my Yahoo Photos.

I have about a week left before I’m back at work in 2K7, so this will probably be my last post for the 2006. It’s been a very eventful year, successful in a lot of ways. I am quite pleased with how the Masters programme is going, as well as the home-upgrade projects that my wife and I have managed to do together over the year. Also, we kept up with all of our adventurous, thrill-seeking ways (what with rock-climbing, marathons and the like), which is one thing about where I was worried we’d slack off. Next year, I hope we get back into TKD as much as we used to; perhaps we can enter a few tournaments. Anyway, my rambling for 2006 is at an end. For anybody who reads this site, I wish you a great 2007, and as much success as you think you can handle! All the best.