I made a major mistake this past weekend; I entered a Taekwondo tournament while still recovering from a nasty flu the week before. Who tell mi fi do dat?! As usual, I chose to spar, since patterns (kata, for the karate types) are really not my bag, baby. I was fortunate enough to get a by to the finals, since there were only three of us in the division.
The guy really put it on me! Oww! He was throwing kicks that I had to keep dodging; 40 seconds into the fight I was completely winded! Then he just hit me at will. It was quite demoralizing. Oh well, I comfort myself with the fact that I had to be sick for him to beat me. Yeah. riiiight….
On a more positive front, I continue my investigations into creating a 3rd party SDIO Wifi stack for the Treo 600 (since I now own one). I’ve finally been able to get the detailed SDIO technical specs for the 600. Hopefully this will help me identify what OS events on the palm to trap for to power up a SDIO card, and more specifically the Sandisk Wifi card, which so far doesn’t work with Treos of any kind.
Alright, more news about these (and other) projects anon.