Well, it finally happened. My trusty Visorphone, survivor of innumerable wireless warrior battles finally gave up the ghost :(. To be honest, the antenna gave up the ghost, the phone itself is actually very much alive. The antenna basically just broke off and the wire inside it snapped. Unfortunately, nobody sells the antenna anymore, and honestly, I simply can’t work up the creative energy to hack together a replacement (I know I’m losing DIY creds by the second because of this). Here’s a picture of my Visorphone with/without the offending component.
Ahaha, you say! So what did I use to take these pictures? Well, I took the plunge and finally upgraded to a Treo 600 from Rogers Wireless. So far, its been pretty good – the Palm One site was fairly clear on moving my data, contacts and appointments to the Treo, so I had no problems there. The next step was to get some games (of course!). So far I have Galax, Lemmings and Invaders on my device; I’ve been looking for a version of Phoenix for Palm OS, but no luck so far. An interesting solution is Xcade, which is a multi-rom emulator for the Palm platform. This does play the Phoenix roms, as well as others (if you can find them :-)); however, it is relegated to hi-resolution (320×320 up) screens, so my Treo’s 160×160 display only shows the bottom left hand of the whole game! (sigh) Duane 0, Treo 1. :plain:

Other stuff has been happening as well; at work, we have been migrated (Americans say transitioned-weird, eh? :crazy:) from MS Outlook/Exchange to Lotus Notes/Domino. Now, feature-wise these two groupware solutions stack up about even; however, I have a *major gripe* with LN. I was able to sync my Outlook client with my external Yahoo calendar (and thence to my trusty Visorphone), using a free tool called Intellisync for Yahoo . A great utility. It allowed me to view my work and personal appointments, meetings and tasks in my palm ~and~ My Yahoo, yet not mix them up at the source. The only place that had them together was Yahoo and the Visorphone. Nice. Well, Intellisync does NOT work with Lotus Notes. (At least the free Yahoo one doesn’t. What, you want me to BUY it?!). So, as of now, I have to *manually* export my appointment data to a csv from LN, email it home, then labouriously load it into my Outlook client there. then I can sync it to my Treo, and everything will be as ’twas. Yay. Betcha I find a solution – I may not be able to talk about it, tho, as the new PWB are a little sensitive about external apps on their hardware.
More Treo madness anon – I ordered my SD Wifi card, and I expect that getting it to work will be a project in itself!
Anyway, it late. In the lights, seen?