Finally! I’m back to updating my blog (hopefully on a regular basis)…There have been a zillion things going on with me in the intervening year, since I last posted. Let me summarize, in no particular order: I got married, my employers got bought out, I changed my role at work, and I pursued a number of research activities in the business intelligence arena. As you can imagine, this is a VERY high-level summary (40,000 foot view). I’ve also done quite a bit of research and application development, primarily in the Linux and Java domain. My next couple of entries are going to be largely concerned with outlining some of the details of the technical activities I’ve been involved in. Look forward to it! ;).
Just a quick additional note; some of the people I know back home in Jamaica are involved in a great intiative to help inform themselves and their peers on the uses of technology tools to improve quality of life. This group calls itself the phoenix project, and I’m very pleased to be associated with them. Check them out on Yahoo groups.