Yeah, thats right…I’m heading down the road to ruin, like dozens of dead dot-coms before me…I’m trying to put together an e-commerce site (aagghh, Charlie Brown!). The damn thing is taking some major config though – can somebody explain to me why the “most flexible online e-commerce software” is hard-coded for the States?! Everywhere. The code is rife with it. However, I guess this is what you get to work with when you go Open Source, and I must admit the framework is…open (!). So now I’m tightening up the code, thinking over the design (functional not aesthetic. I’ll get help with the pretty parts :)) Once I have the SSL properly working, as well as put in some proper user tracking for the site, I can load my catalogs. Hopefully, this’ll only take a day or two (heh heh, optimism). It will be fully accessible from the main site (see right), and I’ll blog it when I get it all connected right. Selah!