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Jamaica Clan Cato
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Earliest birth yearRosanna Cator ‎(I26473)‎
Birth 1822
Death 2 November 1902 ‎(Age 80)‎ Age: 80 Saint Ann, Jamaica
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearThomas Cator ‎(I26450)‎
Birth about 1832 Saint Ann, Jamaica
Death 23 June 1902 ‎(Age 70)‎ Keith, Saint Ann, Jamaica
Latest death year Agnes Imorette Blanche "Dolly" Cato ‎(I26428)‎
Birth 18 October 1931 45 28 Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica
Death 22 September 2012 ‎(Age 80)‎ Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica
Person who lived the longest
Catherine Brown ‎(I26505)‎
Birth about 1854
Death 29 August 1966 ‎(Age 112)‎ Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica
Average age at death
Males: 68   Females: 73
Family with the most children
Ivan "Mass Popie" Cato + Lillian Bernice "Miss Lilly" Peters ‎(F83893)‎
Average number of children per family
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New Social Network Sharing functions
1 December 2010 - 9:40:36pm

I have added some new capabilities to the Clan Cato site: visitors will notice that there is now a Share button at the bottom of each page, which allows you to quickly and easily share the details of the person you are viewing in the family tree on your favorite social network. Supported services include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and of course, email. Look out for other new ways I'll be introducing to make it easy to find out and share information about our Cato family on Clan Cato!
The LDS as a Jamaican genealogical resource
8 March 2007 - 11:21:13pm

I recently made a trip to the local Family History Centre of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ‎(JCLDS or Mormons)‎ to get more information on family history. My research on the Intenet suggested that this would be a good way to get a look at civil records for Jamaica, without having to visit the Registrar General Department of Jamaica ‎(RGD)‎.
As it happens, the JCLDS has microfilms of much of the civil records of the RGD stored at their central warehouse in Salt lake City. However, one can use the online family search site ‎(‎ to identify the appropriate films for your locale, surname or title/topic. Based on the film listing that I put together from this search, I phoned up the local LDS Family History Centre, who were very helpful. It turned out that here in Toronto, they have onsite, a significant portion of the civil register index for Jamaica births and deaths from the mid 1800s to early 1900s. My visit was quite fruitful, as I was able to identify ‎(already)‎ a few indivduals who are likely linked to the family ‎(based on address at time of death)‎. I expect to make many more visits to get more information; I encourage you to consider this option as well in your own research. Be prepared to spend long hours going over many partially legible documents written by people with often poor penmanship. It is very rewarding though.
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8 March 2007 - 11:04:01pm

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Hubert James Walton "H. J. W." Cato ‎(I26520)‎
Birth 23 August 1861 29 39 Keith, St. Ann, Jamaica
Death 11 March 1933 ‎(Age 71)‎ Fairy Hill, Portland, Jamaica
Levi Gamaliel Cato ‎(I26423)‎
Birth 15 July 1886 33 Exchange, St. Ann, Jamaica
Death 28 July 1967 ‎(Age 81)‎ Galina, St. Mary, Jamaica
Joseph Nathaniel Cato ‎(I26472)‎
Birth about 1870 38 48
Death 9 May 1944 ‎(Age 74)‎ Kingston, Jamaica
Jamaica Location Map
List and map of many towns in Jamaica - from Yahoo Pipes.
Jamaica Clan Cato

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Cato, Beatrice A. "Miss B, Aunt B" Beatrice A. "Miss B26 February 197642Death 
Bryan, Alfred, Jr Alfred28 February 1911107Birth 
Cato, Charles Leonard Charles Leonard28 February 1897121Birth 
Cato, Joel Hylton Joel Hyltonafter 28 February 197642Death 
Feldman, Pearle Pearle28 February 1917101Birth 
Taylor, Adrallie Adrallie29 February 1908110Birth 
Brown, Barbara Jean Barbara Jean1 March 199622Death 
Silvera, Veda Rita Veda RitaMarch 199919Death 
Cato, Basil Basil6 March 193286Birth 
Cato, Hubert James Walton "H. J. W." Hubert James Walton "H. J. W."11 March 193385Death 
Codner, Mervine Agatha Mervine Agatha12 March 1896122Birth 
Case, Miriam "Mother Cato" Miriam "Mother Cato"13 March 196553Death 
Fraser, Iris Iris13 March 1908110Birth 
Cato, Joseph Francis Joseph Francis14 March 1889129Birth 
Cato, Reginald Edgerton "Mass Reggie" Reginald Edgerton "Mass Reggie"15 March 1892126Birth 
Fraser, Iris Iris15 March 1908110Birth 
DeHaas, Peter Peter16 March 192692Birth 
Hylton, Solomon Solomon16 March 192692Event 
Cato, Joseph Francis Joseph Francis23 March 196553Death 
Mitchell, Avis Gail Avis Gail24 March 196256Birth 

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